Friday, August 6, 2010

Fat Quarter Scarf

I finally finished the Fat Quarter Scarf project that I started in July.

You know the drill... Cut it out and let it sit for a while...

Some projects are like wine.

You have to let them age in order to let them reach their full potential!

(Three weeks this time)

So here it is...
The Five Fat Quarter Scarf

I am very pleased with it and plan to give it to my MIL for her Birthday next week.

I hope she likes it. If she feels like it is too funky to wear as a scarf, she can always use it as a table runner. (Kiley's suggestion :) )

Tutorial for this project was by the lovely Sachiko over at Tea Rose Home.

Check out her lovely Blog!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lemonade and Popcorn!

It was hotter than HOT on Tuesday...

The kids set up shop...
Lemonade and Popcorn were 25 cents...
(This table was made by my dad before I was born!)

A supply of lemonade and ice...

Stockpile of popcorn...
A shaded spot for Union Breaks...

Drinking and eating away their profits!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little White Church on the Hill

I have been trying to write about this for months, but have never found the right words. Maybe I was unable to see the whole picture until now...

Bear with me the story seems like a long one but in my eyes it is truly AWESOME.

Two weeks ago, mom and I were driving to see some new friends. We spotted this beautiful church.

Note mom's hair in the picture along with a utility pole. I am still learning...

It was so breathtaking that we had to slow down to take pictures. A car was approaching so we had to trudge on, turn around and go back to complete our photo shoot. As we were turning around, another car (or maybe it was a truck, yes, I think it was a truck) approached and asked us if we needed help finding someone. We said no thanks, just taking pictures of the church. He smiled and was on his way. (How sweet!)

Yes, we took the time to turn around to take the picture, but did not get out of the car. We are going for quality here (wink wink...)

On we went to see our amazing new friends... Sam and Sharon. They live on a cool property out in the country. Lots to see so of course I forgot to take pictures of most of it because I was too busy soaking it all in. (Maybe this is why I don't travel. I feel like a bad tourist almost everywhere I go...)

Mom couldn't resist and had to get her hands in the dirt!

So, she helped with the weeding! I love that she enjoys gardening so much!

After a long visit, a lovely lunch and meeting some of their friends, they had something they wanted to show us...

They brought us to this spot.

This is the spot that brought us together. This is the spot that made our meeting possible. This is the spot where they pulled over in May to help a stranger in need. This is the same spot mom and I chose to turn around to take pictures. If you sit in your car and look ahead you see this beautiful scene...

But, if you look to your left, you see the Little White Church on the Hill.

Completely awesome! If you are still with me, there's more... If you stopped reading, I understand, but you are missing out, so I am sure something will tug at your heart and you will come back when you are ready for the rest.

So rewind to May. Here is the post I never posted... Please read it. It explains why this spot and meeting Sam and Sharon is so important. It explains why my faith is stronger than ever and why I feel so refreshed, so loved and so very blessed.