Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Had a Vision...

From across the thrift store, I spotted the most amazing print... My heart skipped a beat and I rushed in a not looking like I was rushing sort of way. (This was so other thrifters would not see my excitement and in turn rush to where I was rushing to get what I was wanting to get. Yes, I believe/ know this to be true...)

There is enough skirt here for me and one of my kids.

Think, woman, think. Can I use this to make something fabulous?

I had a vision...

I snatched this baby up and took her home.

The skirt was made from 4 panels, so I removed 1 1/2 panels and created a new side seam.

Paired with a belt and a tank we have a new semi fabulous dress for $2.99! I am in love.

Now let's work on my photography skills...

Oh, and some actual, real live spring weather...

Did you know that "thrifters" is not a word in the blogger spell check? Seriously?!

It should be.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

T Shirt Tuesday: Pretty Little Tank

To make today's "Pretty Little Tank" you will need : -tank top - narrow lace or trim - wide lace or trim - thread to match - sewing machine

First make a ruffle out of your narrow lace. There are many ways to do this...

I use the longest stitch length on my machine and sew all the middle. Pull the bottom thread to create a ruffle.

Pin your narrow ruffle to the middle of the wide lace.

Sew the ruffle to the lace. Find the middle of your tank and mark it so you know where to attach the lace. (I did this by folding the tank in half and matching up the straps.) Pin the lace to the middle of your tank.
Stitch to attach your embellishment to your tank.

Admire your work!

I am all about instant gratification projects and this was a snap.

Less than 30 minutes ... That's my kind of project!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet Frank

Meet Frank..Frank was 3Bucks!

Yes, Frank is so ugly he's cute, but I love him.

If someone breaks in and is not scared off by Frank or my evil coldsore, I can just pick him up

and use him for a weapon.

Jesse has not met Frank yet. I have a feeling he will not approve. Keep your fingers crossed. I hope Frank can stay!