Sunday, May 2, 2010

Zen Baby... Zen

I love cooking. Even if it is just lunch. I love making food fun. In fact, I bought these old plates at Goodwill just to make weekend lunches feel special. (They are missing the cute little cups, but that's OK because I have nowhere to keep them.)
So we had our little lunch with the cute little plates and I am cleaning up in the kitchen. Tate comes running in and asks for "Two cucumbers to go, please." OK (You don't like cucumbers, but whatever.) I hand over the slices. What is he up to ?

It is spa day for Tate... (Ya think I need to vacuum? See yesterday's post)

As if that weren't enough, a couple minutes later I hear, "A ooomm, A ooomm, A ooommm!"
Thank you Kung Fu Panda and Uncle Jim!

This kid keeps me rolling!
Why can't it always be Sunday?

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