Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ta Da!!!

I did it! Here's the first I am Momma Hear Me Roar inspired hat. It really was quite simple...once I sat down to do it. So simple, I had to round up more fleece and flannel.
Guess what I am doing tonight!? This hat was made for Tate, but he refused to model, so here is the lovely Kiley modeling the first hat.

I used fleece, a t shirt and some old dress socks to make this hat. It is only one layer, so it is not all that warm. More of a fall or spring hat really. My next hat will be double layers and lots of cute embellishments. I am pretty stoked. (Is that how you spell "stoked?" I bet typing stoked makes me a pretty big dork. I don't really care though because I am so excited about these hats...)

New paint color in the bathroom by the way... Sherwin Williams "Earthen Jug."

Note the "horn" on the left side of this picture is part of the charm of this hat. My top was a little bigger than my middle piece so I had to bunch it up a bit.


  1. Cute hats! Thanks for your comment. My Great Grandma and Grannie made them all the time also. I'm so glad they taught me how to's a fun thing to have.

  2. Wow, I started to give up. A new post. Very cool!