Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Had a Vision...

From across the thrift store, I spotted the most amazing print... My heart skipped a beat and I rushed in a not looking like I was rushing sort of way. (This was so other thrifters would not see my excitement and in turn rush to where I was rushing to get what I was wanting to get. Yes, I believe/ know this to be true...)

There is enough skirt here for me and one of my kids.

Think, woman, think. Can I use this to make something fabulous?

I had a vision...

I snatched this baby up and took her home.

The skirt was made from 4 panels, so I removed 1 1/2 panels and created a new side seam.

Paired with a belt and a tank we have a new semi fabulous dress for $2.99! I am in love.

Now let's work on my photography skills...

Oh, and some actual, real live spring weather...

Did you know that "thrifters" is not a word in the blogger spell check? Seriously?!

It should be.


  1. I do the "don't act too excited" thing either when secretly my heart is beating so hard it can probably be seen and heard from across the store!

  2. I did the same thing I bought a skirt to make it a dress. its brown instead.. so i really like yours! I need a little sweater for me to wear it.. But i should still post it!