Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wedding fun...

Sometimes they are just too fun. Kiley and Tate never want their pictures taken. So I am constantly trying to get a good shot of them together. Here they are at a wedding I begged and bribed for ONE nice shot. Tate said, "Fine, but you can only try once." I said, "Deal, but it has to be a good one."

In his efforts to assist in making the shot a "good one," Tate posed like a "model."

In focusing on really making it a good shot (and praying that Tate would not wreck it), Kiley froze up and forgot to smile...

Tate trying to walk a "very dangerous" ledge, while pretending to be a secret agent.

A random dance move by the dancing queen.
A sweet moment between daddy and Kiley.

I think I'll just stick to the candid shots.

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