Saturday, April 10, 2010

Did you see that?

Driving home from preschool today Tate screamed, "Did you see that mom? It's a garage sale sign! We gotta go! We really gotta go! It's the first one!"

My heart jumped for joy. Two reasons for this: 1. The first Garage Sale of the season. 2. Tate understands and shares the joy and excitement that comes along with a great sale. (If Kiley would have been with us she would have jumped out of the car before I had it in park. In fact she was a bit miffed when she got home from school and heard about the sale.)

It turns out it was not a fantastic sale. The clothes were way overpriced and most of the household items were from the 80's. We are talking Friendly Homes Party decor here.

I did find one precious treasure. Here it is folks, my first garage sale purchase of 2010...

OK here it isn't. My computer is refusing to let me upload pictures again today. This is starting to make me mad and sad and some other emotions
False Alarm... Here they are... my $1 treasure. My new clip-ons!

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