Saturday, April 17, 2010


This week has been full of lovely surprises...

I had huge sewing plans over spring break, but they fell through due to an ugly fight I had with my sewing machine. She had to be taken in... When I called for an estimate, shop man said it would take several days and about 50 dollars. GROSS! I finally went to drop her off on Thursday. Shop man fixed her on the spot and it was less than 20 dollars. YEAH!

It gets better. So much better. I got home from fixing the machine and found this in my basement... I really could not believe it...

What is that you ask? Why yes, it is a sewing table. Yes it is super sweet. Yes, yes it is.

Where did it come from? My husband.

GASP! Jesse came up with this gift idea on his own. His mom told him where to find it and what time and day to go to have the best chance of getting it. (My junk store is only open one weekend a month)

This is huge. I have my own little corner. Yes, I have a corner. Yeah for my corner and the perfect gift!

I was so thrilled I surprised him with these flowers. Oh wait, I was at Sam's Club and they were so beautiful, I bought them for the table.

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