Monday, June 21, 2010

Hey Good Lookin'

I made this apron using the tutorial from Ruffles and Stuff. (love her fantastic ideas and beautiful style!)

I will admit I crashed and burned on this and it turned out a bit sloppy. Truth be told, it was meant to be a gift for a friend, but it was looking a little small. I think a Large or XL Tee would work best (or maybe that's just me because I'm a bit hipish... no not as in trendy as in rump and hips)

(Tate was making his secret Nutella and Pb treat!)

Off to find more rockin' shirts in bigger sizes! I promise to be more patient when I sit down to give this another try. (I can sew with knit. I will sew with knit. I will love to sew with knit!)

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