Friday, June 11, 2010

It's good for the soul...

Have you ever noticed how wonderful it feels to swing?

We were at the park and Tate was off playing tag. Kiley was complaining that she was bored. I told her I'd push her on the swings. Insert huge eye roll and groan followed by FINE!

Pretty soon, she had a smile on her face and was chatting away. So I saddled up on the nearest swing and soon I felt light as a feather and my heart was just happy. We were chit chatting and feeling magical, wonderful bliss!

Swinging is good for the soul. Please remind me of this when we are in the midst of her middle school drama or her teen angst. We have our very own swings in the backyard. I will fight to keep these. We will need them long after our kids think they are too old to swing.

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