Friday, June 25, 2010


Sometimes my kids make me laugh so hard I almost cry... Sometimes they make me want to scream... Sometimes I do. (Praying for patience, understanding, and wisdom every single day!)

Here are some nuggets from this week:

"mOm... I need some dental floss and a rock..."

"mOm... I am so awesome, do you wish there were twins of me?"

"mOm... Your breath smells like bones. Dead bones. Sheesh, did you forget to brush?"

"mOm... Do girls have penises?" "No." "Can I check yours?" "No." "How do you even go to the bathroom then?"(I hesitated to post this, but it was just an honest inquiry.)

"mOm... When you're a redult, do you get to pick where you live? Good! I am going to live at the Maxa's!"

"mOm... If when we get to the farm and the farmer gives me a mertilized egg and I sit on it to keep it warm and it doesn't even crack and it final does hatch will it be a human boy or a human chicken or what?" (yes, this came out as one sentence...)

"I love you guys." "...But we're driving you crazy, Mom?"

The kids are currently obsessed with fake glasses. (Kiley has been for a long time now... She has 4 pair!)

What a bunch of punkerdoos!

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