Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Project Sweater Beautification: Part I

Inspired by Grosgrain's Embellish Knit Month, I started to play around with some sweater beautification of my own. Today I added some singed lace flowers to a silk cardigan. Just lovely...

Project Time:20 Minutes


Plain Cardigan (Mine was 1.49 at Goodwill)

Lace (I have also used chiffon, tulle, etc to make this kind of flower in the past)

Candle or other heat source




For each flower cut

2- 4 inch circles

2- 3inch circles

2- 2 inch circles

Hint: To speed up the cutting process and cut multiple circles of the same size at the same time, you can layer your lace.
Use a candle to singe the edges of the two largest circles. To do this hold the fabric about 2 inches away from the flame until the edges curl.
If your fabric starts on fire, you are too close... Some people use a tweezers for this part, but I am a risk taker...
Repeat this process with your two medium circles and your two small circles.

Stack your singed circles largest to smallest and give them a couple of basting stitches.
Next, arrange the flowers on your cardigan and pin them in place. TRY ON YOUR SWEATER. What looks good laying on your design table does not always look good on your bod! Trust me... I love the look of the four flower design pictured below, but I tried it on and felt like a double dork.

The final product only boasts two lovely lace flowers...

After attempting to wear this this afternoon, I realized that I am not a size small. (I think I already knew that, but I really wanted this to fit me. It is so pretty.) Any size smalls? Its up for grabs. FREEBIE!!!

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  1. Love your refashioned cardigan!
    So easy to get instant beautification of a garment!
    As for the post-raphaelite shirt - well, I've been drooling over that for years! Still haven't built up on courage to attempt copying it!