Friday, December 24, 2010

Something to Read: Subway Art

My new borrowed family Christmas gift giving policy is: "Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read..."

If this saying came from your blog or you know where it came from, please tell me. I want to give credit and thank this person for helping me keep it very simple at Christmas. Anyway, on with the show.

Hubbers is getting this Subway Art as his "Something to read." I made it for his new office. (Hope we finish the office before Subway Art goes to the curb!)

There are a ton of Tutorials out there for this. Here is what I did...

Canvas (mine was 1/2 off at Michael's but you can use an old piece from a yard sale or thrift store)
Acrylic paint for background (I purchased a 250 ML tube of black and did not even use 1/4 of it)
Mod Podge
Scrapbook Paper or Card stock (Higher quality paper= easier project)
Letter Cutting Machine such as a Cricut (Optional and very handy---You can also print your words on your computer. Just reverse the color so the letters print white)

Gather those Materials
Paint that canvas
I only used one coat and it looks fine, but you may find you need more depending on the quality of your paint or the condition of your canvas... or if you are that way.
Cut out those letters
I have seed a variety of sizes, fonts and color schemes. You will notice mine are all the same font. This is not because my husband really likes the George font from Cricut. It is because I was not willing to buy a new Cricut cartridge for this experimental gift. It turns out I rather like it! Lay those Puppies out.
Arrange the words. Make em fit, see what you love. VS (Not Victoria's Secret..Vital Step):
Take a picture so you don't forget where they were.
Glue baby, glue!
Go nuts with the Mod Podge. Brush it on the back of each letter. Stick those letters down. Go back and cover the whole canvas in a coat of Mod Podge.
At this point FEEL FREE TO FREAK OUT. I DID. It will look awful. It will dry clear and it won't be shiny anymore. See... Mine is almost dry.

The mod podge is still visible in this picture especially near the bottom. Be assured it will disappear when it is completely dry...

I did let it dry for two full days simply because I did not want to tun the risk of having anything stick to the wrapping paper. Overnight would likely do the trick!

Of course The project is done and wrapped and I never took a THE END picture.

Maybe when the office is finished and it is hanging on its new wall home...

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