Thursday, March 18, 2010

"911..UMMM, Where's the Diet Coke?

So today was conferences... I have a love /hate relationship with conferences. Love portion is described in my earlier post. Hate is the part where it's the day of conferences and I freak out!

So, I am running around like a crazy woman on my prep and decide I must have a Diet Coke. (Like it is a carnal need at this point.) I scrounge through my purse to scrape together the 50 cents, race down to the machine, only to see the ugly red light . For you non addicts, this means it's out. URG! You would think on conference day, of all days, they would know that Diet Coke is not optional. We teach all day and conference all night. Am I asking too much?

I mention this to sweet Kathy who teaches kindergarten and is knee deep in a bathroom break with 5 -year-olds. She just laughs...pretty sure I scared her.

Back in first grade I am teaching my kids about scarcity (yes, scarcity in first grade) Only as I write this, do I realize that this is kind of a strange coincidence.

Anyway in walks Kathy with a Diet Coke! I am pretty sure she risked life and limb to get that bad boy. Not to mention that she took the time to round one up for me while she was racing around preparing for her conferences.

I am telling you Kindergarten teachers are like these cute magical people. They amaze me. (Not just because of the Diet Coke, but because they turn preschoolers into first graders in nine short/ long months!)

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