Sunday, March 21, 2010

Repuropsed Candle Sticks

I finally got around to the candle stick two tier tray project. Here is the fantastic tutorial from Two Shades of Pink.

Here is a picture of my completed project:

I did make one change to the project...

Instead of using Gorilla Glue to attach the plates to the candle sticks, I used Gorilla Glue to attach Velcro to the plates and the candle sticks.

Here was my thinking:
~ I wanted to be able to bring this puppy places. It will travel better if I can break it down.
~ I love dishes, plates, and color. I could never pick just one color scheme/ design for this project. I would want 100 of these darn things and just don't have the space. Now every time I find a set of plates that I love, I can just buy two, add Velcro, and use the same base.

If you choose to do the "add Velcro method," make sure you buy a candle stick with a solid bottom!

I just realized I need to make a black base... just in case!


  1. Um, helllloooooo? Why did you not tell me you did this AMAZING two tiered plate??? IT'S GORGEOUS! And velcro? Brilliance, I tell you. Also, your rainbow cupcake post cracked me up. I am a baker not a cook. I need to be precise. We should get together and teach each other! Your blog rocks fun girl!

  2. Ooooh Thanks. (I'm two months late on the thank you...) Next time I do a project, I will be sure to show you. (It could be a while. I am drowning in school and house work... boo hoo)