Thursday, March 11, 2010

Five Dollar Fashions

Five...five dollar... five dollar fashions. OK, I know that was really bad, but I just couldn't help myself. Here's what I found for five dollars or less. (I think I need to work on my staging/ photography skills.)

Corduroy jacket $4.50. (Thank you half off yellow tags!)

Airy raspberry shirt $1.99 (Thrift Store)

Black skirt $4.99. (Thrift Store) I wish I had two of these... I think I will wear it out this summer. Note the waist band on this can double as a shirt!

White skirt another $4.99 thrift store find!
Blue and white scarf $ 3.98... Target clearance.
Orange scarf with tiny white dots and white pom pom fringe $1.50 at a yard sale. I will admit this is not a recent find, but it is an all time favorite.
(Click in the picture to see why I love it so much!)

Perhaps my favorite of all...Kiley's $5.00 Brown Boots. (These are so rockin' that we refer to them as a proper noun in our house) Target clearance.


  1. OH goody, yea! YOU ordered my Lollibag?? You are so cute, I love seeing a face to a purchase! or I mean a face to a customer? whatever it is, thank you!

  2. oops I meant to say, of course one Lollibag is not enough! silly..

  3. I am so thrilled with it and want to take it everywhere. Maybe even to the copy machine...just so everyone else can enjoy it. I know what I will be asking for for Mother's day...