Sunday, March 14, 2010

Five Minute Projects and Muskrat for Dinner

"There will never be another March 14, 2010..." We sure did make the most of it! With a record temperature of 63 degrees, the snow was melting before our eyes and spring was in full swing. We started the day with church, a little shopping and home for the first picnic of the season! Yeah for picnics!

The kids became reacquainted with their bikes while Jesse set to work on the walls of the club house. (He is remodeling the tower on the swing set to be more club houseish.)


Was feeling the need to make something, but did not want to feel tied to anything big today, so I opted for these quickies...

Again, photos are stuck in Adobe Limbo... I am really not OK with this. I will post pictures later. Must figure out this Adobe situation. I think the church did away with Limbo, so should Adobe.

What I made:

1. Flower headbands- literally took 3-5 minutes each! Yeah for obnoxious flowers!

Homemade by Jill has a great tutorial here.

UPDATE: Was able to retake a picture of the one headband I did not give away. I also made red poppies and pink daisies...

2. Door decor- I found three little spring wreaths (chic, not granny, but not granny chic) at Goodwill for 99 cents. I tied those puppies together with some pieces I tore off an old dishtowel.
This project took less than five minutes unless you count the two days I spent thinking, "I need to do something with those wreaths or they will end up in the pit of supplies that I buy, but never use." -see new goals list for more on this.

3. Happy jar- A clean canning jar, the torn towels, and perfect day melded together for this one. I just started writing everything that was coming to mind on strips of torn towel and threw them in the jar. Tied a couple around the outside and set them on the shelf. (scripture, thoughts on the day, smileys about my kids, etc. ) Why? Because I like it! It makes me smile and remember all things wonderful!

After playing all day, we were able to sit down together for dinnner...

Tate took a bite of his ham and said, "Sheesh mom, this is kind of dry... what is it muskrat?!" Really, Tate, muskrat? Muskrat? That's our Tate!

I can't tell you how many times I looked at the kids today and my heart was just filled with love and happiness for them and about them. They played and played and everyone was so happy. There will never be another March 14, 2010. I won't even try to recreate it. I will only look forward to more days where I can look around and appreciate that things are just the way God intended them to be!

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