Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sentimental Me

It doesn't take much to get me excited...

I work at a Catholic school in Minnesota and teach with an amazing woman whose very first teaching job was at Holy Family School- the Catholic school I went to as a girl. (Are you still with me?) That's it... that's my school!(Top- Childhood School, Bottom- the school Patty and I teach at now)

Back to my story of simple, pure BLISS:
So her kids are yelling across the hall... "Mrs. Hartmann, Mrs. Hartmann..." I poke my head in their door to see Patty holding up nothing other than a bag of HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL JELLY BEANS! Folks- this is the big time. I am pretty sure I squealed with delight. I could feel my heart leap and could not stop grinning. Her class was just looking at me like I was nuts, but it just sent a flood of memories racing through my head. Ahh HFS Jelly Beans. The great thing about Patty is that she really does understand that the little things are what truly make a difference . I was so touched that she knew that these were, "no small beans" to me!

I was so happy that I had to take a picture of the bag of beans.

(note: I am pretty sure the tag is the same tag they used 20 years ago and the bags are still impossible to untie without cutting. I think sure this is to prevent people who are abstaining from candy during lent from sneaking a few!)

Urg: Picture is stuck in Adobe Limbo (The place they wait betwee the camera and computer!) UPDATE: I had to take a new picture of the very few jellybeans that were left...

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