Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To Do List

Just thinking... no particular order. Some are biggies... some are itsies...

1. Learn to play the guitar.

2. Run a half marathon.

3. Teach a college course.

4. Go on a mission trip.

5. Go on a mission trip with my children.

6. Live in an old house. (Having a barn would be a bonus. I don't think I want animals... Just a barn to put my junk in and to work on projects.)

7. Go on vacation alone. (In my world that is courageous...)

8. Get my Master's Degree (I make it sound like you just pick that puppy up at the store and cruise through the express lane.)

9. Decide on which Master's Degree I want (Again, are we just grabbing one off the shelf?)

10. Be thoughtful enough to buy (or better yet make) and send birthday cards to everyone. (I am horrible at this and often write them out and never send them. Isn't that awful?) OK Really. This one requires immediate attention. I need to get a handle on this one this weekend. I will create a foolproof systematic way to do this.

11. Identify home repair/ improvement issue, learn how to fix it, buy the project materials and actually complete the project in a timely fashion. I have done all of these steps, but never for the same project.

12. Be like my brother Nathan... even if it just for a day.

13. Surprise visit someone who lives far away.

14. Take a special trip with each of my kids s-e-p-e-r-a-t-e-l-y and then together.

15. Snow shoe

16. Drink bad wine in Italy (So I can appreciate number 17)

17. Drink wonderful wine in Italy.

18. Write a book (don't even need to be published here, folks... just write the darn book.)

19. Learn how to dance. Like real dancing...

20. Learn to drive a motorcycle.

21. Get a passport.

22. Read the newspaper every day.

23. Go green. Like really green!

24. Have a garden. A real garden. Not as big as Nana Rena and Papa G.'s though.

25. Learn how to can peaches and pickles. Oh and salsa.

26. Build a fire. (You would think I could do this, but no....)

27. Own a black Jaguar. (car, not animal) I know this is materialistic and unrealistic, but I keep seeing these cute old ladies driving their nice Jaguars. I think to myself, "I want to be a cute old lady driving a black Jaguar." I would drive along, tra, la, la. I think this is especially cute because they can barely see over the steering wheel. I have a lot of shrinking to do.

28. Go to the 127 Corridor Sale. World's Longest Yardsale!!!! I guess I could start with this one. It's in MN.

29. Paint on canvas

30. Dog sled

31. Learn to arrange flowers

32. Drive a bus

33. Be like my mom. She is pretty darn amazing!

34. Be a regular somewhere other than Cub Foods and the gas station!

35. Take a spur of the moment overnighter.

36. Make a list and check things off (again, not a grocery list)

37. Sing karaoke in public (Not because I'm good...because it would be courageous)

38. Go on the Power Tower with Kiley. At 8, she has more "guts" than I will ever have.

39. Tell someone what I really think. Not to be mean, just to be honest. I think I would/could be nice about it.

40. Just go for it!

41. Watch my kids grow up happy and healthy. (and help them do it)

42. Learn to trust my instincts.

43. Zip line. Be brave... be brave... be brave (I think I should do this with Kiley. She would appreciate this. She would love this!)

44. Start that nonprofit I've been dreaming of.

45. Spend a whole day doing exactly what my kids want to do. I mean every second.

46. See the world through the eyes of my children. (I try, but I know I don't even come close)

47. Understand when to hold on and when to let go. (Is there a class?)

48. Be the one to suggest.. "Let's get together" and be the one to make it happen.

49. Write and receive a GRANT. I am working on this, but it is tough stuff.

50. Help someone without them ever knowing it was me.

51. Live in the city. I realize this might make my dream of having a barn a bit tricky, but I think I will live in an old house in the city and then move to the old house in the country later...

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